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Your Easy Button for SAP Observability

SAP Observability with Cisco FSO gives you the easy button to end-to-end visibility and monitoring capabilities across an organization’s entire technology stack, including networks, applications, infrastructure, and services. When combined with SAP observability, this integration can offer a holistic view of the SAP systems and their interactions with other components of the IT ecosystem.


Digitalstates advisory services are pivotal in facilitating organizations’ success within the constantly evolving SAP solutions landscape. With our expertise in strategic alignment, risk management, change facilitation, and process optimization, these services empower enterprises to unlock the complete potential of their SAP investments. In a time marked by unceasing digital transformation and ongoing change, the advisory services team is an invaluable asset in guiding enterprises toward achievement and innovation.

ROI and Value proposition

Consultants assist organizations in quantifying the expected ROI and realizing the value of SAP initiatives by establishing measurable KPIs, tracking progress, and providing insights that drive strategic decisions. This thorough analysis and adaptation process ensure that the organization can optimize its investment in SAP solutions and continuously evolve to meet its goals and objectives.


Thorough assessments are carried out to thoroughly examine the current SAP environment, identify opportunities for enhancement, and evaluate aspects such as system performance, security, compliance, and potential cost-saving measures. These services aid organizations in formulating an all-encompassing roadmap that delineates the phased deployment, seamless integration, and continual optimization of SAP solutions. 

Best Practices

SAP advisors introduce “best practices,” which encompass a collection of pre-configured and verified business processes, settings, and recommendations endorsed by SAP. These guidelines are intended to assist organizations in realizing the best possible outcomes during the implementation of SAP software solutions. They are strategically crafted to simplify the rollout of SAP applications and enable organizations to harness the software’s complete capabilities.


“Implemetation” in the context of SAP specifically pertain to a suite of actions and processes meticulously designed for the introduction of SAP software solutions within an organization. The intricacy and focus on implementing depends on the specific SAP solutions being deployed and the unique requirements of the organization.

SAP Implementation

SAP implementation services encompass a thorough range of procedures and steps intended to introduce SAP (Systems, Applications, and Products) software solutions into an enterprise. This procedure involves the customization, configuration, and deployment of SAP applications tailored to the organization’s precise business demands. Typically delivered by our skilled SAP consultants who are well-versed in SAP solutions, these services hold significant importance for businesses seeking to streamline operations, boost productivity, and harness the full potential of SAP software to address their individual business requisites. Our implementation specialists can help SAP implementations result in heightened operational efficiency, more informed decision-making, and a competitive advantage in the market.

SAP Upgrade

SAP upgrade services are essential to keep an organization’s SAP environment current and aligned with the latest industry standards and technological advancements. Staying up-to-date with SAP upgrades helps ensure system stability, security, and access to new features and functionalities, ultimately supporting an organization’s business objectives and competitiveness.

SAP (S/4HANA) Migration 

SAP S/4HANA migration services by Digitalstates team are of paramount importance for organizations seeking to bring their ERP systems into the modern era. By making this transition, organizations can unlock a range of benefits, including improved system performance, access to real-time analytics, and a more efficient and streamlined business process. A successful migration to S/4HANA holds the potential to significantly enhance operational efficiency, facilitate more informed decision-making, and provide a distinct competitive advantage in the market.


Enhancing the performance, efficiency, and overall effectiveness of an SAP system necessitates the implementation of a range of strategic and technical measures. Our team of SAP experts aim to ensure that an organization’s SAP system operates at its best, delivering the desired results efficiently and effectively. This ongoing process helps organizations adapt to changing needs and emerging opportunities, optimizing their use of SAP technology.

Performance Analysis

By conducting a comprehensive analysis of the SAP system, our team of expert consultants can identify performance-related challenges and develop strategies to enhance system efficiency. This process is vital for organizations that rely on SAP to support their critical business processes and ensure that the system operates at its best, delivering the desired results with efficiency and reliability by monitoring system response times, database performance, and resource utilization.

Infrastructure Assessment

Evaluating an organization’s hardware and network infrastructure within the context of SAP system optimization is an essential process. Its purpose is to verify that the IT infrastructure is in harmony with the performance and resource prerequisites of the SAP system. This meticulous evaluation and optimization, carried out by our technical specialists, guarantee that the SAP system operates with efficiency, sustains a high level of availability, and possesses the scalability necessary to meet forthcoming demands. This alignment of the IT infrastructure with the SAP system’s needs plays a pivotal role in augmenting the system’s overall performance and reliability.

Database Optimization

Our SAP S/4HANA database consultants specialize in optimizing the core database that underlies the S/4HANA system. Our expertise encompasses fine-tuning database parameters, optimizing indexing structures, and implementing data archiving strategies. Our goal is to contribute to enhancing query performance and reducing data retrieval times. Our team of S/4HANA database consultants play a pivotal role in ensuring the S/4HANA system operates efficiently, providing swift responses to queries and transactions. This not only enhances the user experience but also supports the overall operational efficiency of the organization’s S/4HANA environment.

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