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Technical Support & Maintenance

Proper support and maintenance are essential for any deployed solution. Software updates are essential to keep a solution live and valuable. We provide reliable technical support and managed services for your infrastructure as well as applications.

Cloud Managed Services

Digitalstates Cloud Managed Services streamlines the operational management of your cloud environment, offering round-the-clock cloud monitoring and management to ensure the performance, availability, and security of your applications, cloud infrastructure, and databases. We specialize in identifying and resolving misconfigurations in your cloud infrastructure and ensuring that your infrastructure is up and running around the clock. Our priority is safeguarding and enhancing the digital customer experience through continuous availability, performance monitoring, and proactive management of applications and cloud infrastructure. Trust Digitalstates to simplify and optimize your cloud operations while ensuring a seamless and secure cloud environment.

AWS Managed Services

Digitalstates offers comprehensive AWS-managed services, empowering businesses to leverage the full breadth of AWS’s advanced cloud capabilities for smarter work processes, cost reduction, and innovation. Our team of AWS cloud experts ensures improved agility, security, flexibility, governance, performance, and cost savings. From providing advisory services for cost reduction, performance improvement, enhanced security, and monitoring of service quotas to assisting with AWS Site Reliability for fault-tolerant application deployment, as well as mentoring organizations in executing AWS Cloud migration strategies, including simple lift and shift or complex on-premise to cloud migrations.

Cisco on AWS

Digitalstates offers a comprehensive range of Cisco solutions on AWS, enabling businesses to accelerate their cloud journey and drive digital transformation. Our dedicated team of experts is well-versed in managing Cisco networking, security, and management solutions on the AWS platform, ensuring reliable connectivity, robust security measures, and efficient operations. We extend Meraki SD-WAN to AWS, centralize policy and access management, ensure consistent security in dynamic environments, and offer firewall management and reporting. Trust Digitalstates to simplify your networking, enhance security, and streamline management with Cisco solutions on AWS, empowering your cloud success.

EDA Migration Services

Digitalstates provides EDA-managed services on AWS, specializing in seamlessly migrating Electronic Design Automation (EDA) workloads to the cloud. Our comprehensive approach includes strategic alignment, financial modeling, and building secure cloud foundations. We prioritize minimizing disruption, execute projects at scale, and ensure compliance and security. Our expertise covers application assessment, data migration, network architecture, scalability, and performance optimization. We empower teams through change management and training. With a robust migration methodology and EDA Mobilize program, Digitalstates enable a smooth transition, unlocking agility, scalability, and cost efficiency in the cloud.

Engineering On-Demand

Introducing our comprehensive engineering on-demand services, tailored to meet the organization’s engineering operations and maintenance needs. Our services cater to your particular needs, providing timely and reliable support through email communication. With a guaranteed response time within 24 hours and resource engagement within 36 hours, our remote-only support model ensures efficient and seamless assistance. Whether you require troubleshooting, guidance, or optimization, our dedicated team is at your service for 12 months or 200 hours, whichever comes first, enabling you to maximize your digital capabilities.


Digitalstates offers on-demand DevOps Engineering services tailored to your organization’s needs. Our expert team provides support for infrastructure, CI/CD, automation, monitoring, security, and troubleshooting. With our deep expertise, we streamline your software development process and foster collaboration. Trust Digitalstates for optimized DevOps capabilities and efficient software releases.


Digitalstates offers specialized Datacenter Engineering on Demand services specifically for Cisco ThousandEyes, Cisco DNAC, Cisco Converged Infrastructure, and Cisco AppDynamics. Our expert engineers provide comprehensive support for these technologies’ configuration, monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimization.


Digitalstates provides Engineering on-demand services for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Our expert team offers comprehensive data preprocessing, model development, training, deployment, and optimization support. With Digitalstates, you can leverage advanced technologies to drive innovation and gain a competitive advantage in your industry.

Team Augmentation

Our team and staff augmentation services provide rapid access to highly skilled professionals for long and short-term project-based dedicated engagements. With flexibility and scalability, you can adjust your workforce to meet changing needs. Gain specialized expertise on demand and enjoy seamless integration with your team. Experience cost efficiency by eliminating recruitment costs and focusing on core competencies. Try our staff and team augmentation service to fuel your success and achieve your business objectives for short-term projects or long-term partnerships.

Long-Term Onboarding

Digitalstates offers a flexible outsourcing strategy that allows you to quickly hire tech resources that may not be readily available within your organization. With our services, you can expand your team on short notice, ensuring that you don’t miss out on projects that would otherwise be out of reach. Our dedicated team members work full-time (contractual) for you and seamlessly integrate with your existing teams, participating in remote meetings or providing onsite support as needed.

Project-based Onboarding

Digitalstates provides project-based onboarding services to ensure a smooth transition and efficient integration of new team members into your projects. We understand the importance of effectively onboarding team members to minimize disruptions and maximize productivity. Our experienced professionals work closely with your organization to understand project requirements, objectives, and team dynamics. 

Vendor Transition

Digitalstates is your ideal partner to navigate the challenges of transitioning from an ongoing project development partner. We specialize in rescuing sinking midway projects through our expertise in Agile transformation. With our proven delivery framework, we can help you smoothly transition to a new direction, implementing Agile methodologies that foster collaboration, flexibility, and faster project iterations. Trust Digitalstates is the ship that steers your project toward success and overcomes any obstacles you may face.

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