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Why should we move EDA workloads to Cloud ?

The complexity of the semiconductor design is growing exponentially with the density of the circuits. The number of IPs integrated into the design is growing at an alarming rate. This new reality will need a large number of compute cores and storage. Infrastructure must scale up and down to meet the unique design cycle needs and timelines. Current datacenter based solutions do not meet these needs. For this reason, many of the top 10 fabless companies are moving to the cloud and AWS. Fabless companies that conduct their design in the cloud will see faster Time to tape out. Companies that don’t leverage the cloud will be left lagging in the market in both design velocity and innovation.

EDA AWS Services & Tools

EDA (Electronic Design Automation) on AWS refers to the use of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to run EDA workloads, such as circuit design and simulation, digital signal processing, and printed circuit board design. Digitalstates has expertise in this space. As integrated circuits progress to higher integration and newer technology nodes, the IC design process becomes substantially more difficult. Typical requirements for electronic design automation (EDA) workloads include a computing cluster, a process scheduler to manage the allocation of jobs to computing nodes, and a high-performance shared file system. Depending on the EDA workload use case, design size, and total number of cores, the shared file system’s throughput needs might be anywhere from 500 MB/sec to 10 GB/sec. License management, remote desktops, and visualizations, user administration including identification and access restrictions, budgeting, and monitoring, and so on are all crucial parts of the EDA infrastructure stack.

Storage Services

AWS offers a range of storage services, such as S3 (Simple Storage Service), that can be used to store and manage large amounts of EDA data, including design files and simulation results. For high-performance storage options, you can choose from Block storage (Local NVMe, SSD, Amazon EBS), File storage (Amazon EFS, FSx for Lustre), and Object storage (Amazon S3, Amazon S3 Glacier).

Compute Services

AWS offers a variety of computing services, such as EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) and Fargate, that can be used to run EDA workloads and perform simulations and other compute-intensive tasks. AWS EC2 portfolio has evolved over the last 2 years to accommodate EDA workloads. Digitalstates can help you pick the right computing services that meet your project needs.

Networking Services

AWS provides a range of services and tools that can be used to support EDA workloads, such as VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) and Direct Connect, that can be used to securely connect EDA workloads to the network and other resources.

EDA Transition/Migration Advisory

In order to move EDA tools to Cloud, there should be a complete business case. The first step to building that business case is to identify the EDA workloads that will benefit most from the cloud. Digitalstates conducts an EDA assessment that reviews each deployment to understand its compute memory & Storage footprint, costs, and dependencies. EDA workloads require specific hardware configurations. They cannot be hosted on a standard cloud instance without any due diligence. Cost estimation and appropriate sizing are crucial for any successful migration. Digitalstates team can develop a complete business case, ROI, and cloud cost estimates, and help you procure AWS services.

Migration Plan

Digitalstates EDA transition/migration expertise offers a comprehensive approach to seamlessly migrate Electronic Design Automation (EDA) workloads to a cloud environment. We align strategic goals with cloud transformation possibilities, develop financial models and transition strategies, and build robust and secure cloud foundations for EDA and future workloads. Our technical expertise encompasses assessing application dependencies, data migration, network architecture, scalability, and performance optimization.

Migration Methodology

Migrate the EDA workloads seamlessly with Digitalstates expertise and robust migration methodology. We specialize in leveraging leading Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools to ensure a smooth transition to a cloud environment. Our methodology includes a thorough assessment, meticulous data migration, strategic network design, scalability considerations, and performance optimization. We prioritize minimal disruption, enabling a seamless transition for the business units. Additionally, we have extensive experience with popular EDA tools, empowering us to effectively manage and optimize their cloud performance.

Migration Approach

Digitalstates migration approach for Electronic Design Automation (EDA) encompasses a comprehensive assessment phase where we conduct in-depth discovery and design workshops to understand the EDA workloads, their interdependencies, and performance requirements. We develop a robust security strategy to safeguard the data and ensure compliance. Automation and operating model strategies are implemented to streamline processes and enhance efficiency. In the migration phase, we build a secure landing zone in the cloud and develop a high-performance computing environment for piloting EDA workflows.

EDA Launch with Mobilize

Digitalstates utilizes a proven EDA Mobilize program to help customers develop a robust production EDA environment, and transition selects EDA projects to this environment. We achieve the following outcomes in the EDA Mobilize program.

Develop a Business case for EDA migration to the cloud, Review customer projects in different stages, and provide a transition wave plan, Build Cloud foundations for growth and scale, Develop robust Cloud Security posture, Develop a well-architected HPC environment, Develop a complete storage design and Transition/Migration select projects to this environment.

EDA Mobilize Solutions Program

Our EDA Mobilize Solutions offer a comprehensive and tailored approach to seamlessly transition electronic design automation (EDA) workflows to the cloud. We provide a range of services and expertise to optimize the traditional IT stack, enable remote access through secure remote desktop solutions, integrate industry-standard tools such as FlexLM and LSF for license and workload management, configure dedicated compute nodes for optimal performance, offer shared file storage options for efficient collaboration, leverage the EDA environment expertise of Digitalstates, implement cost optimization and avoidance strategies, ensure robust security and compliance measures, and provide disaster recovery options. We leverage AWS-proven SOCA solutions, and Parallel cluster technologies.

EDA Mobilize High-level Scope

Our comprehensive EDA Mobilize Solution begins with a thorough baseline review, analyzing the current state and identifying areas for improvement. Our team then designs a future state architecture that encompasses scalability, availability, and performance requirements. We establish connectivity between on-premises license servers and the cloud while implementing robust IAM roles and policies for secure access control. We offer ongoing support and expertise throughout the migration process throughout process, covering aspects such as data governance, capacity planning, and cost efficiency. With our EDA Mobilize Solutions, organizations can achieve an optimized cloud-based EDA environment, empowering their design teams with enhanced collaboration, scalability, and secure remote access.

EDA Main Solutions & Deliverables

Our EDA Main Deliverables include comprehensive solutions for electronic system design workflows. We start with a detailed Cloud Architecture Design Document that outlines the architectural design and configuration of the EDA environment in the cloud. We configure an enterprise-grade Control Tower Landing Zone to provide a secure and scalable foundation. The implementation of Applicable Guardrails ensures compliance and security standards are met. We define IAM roles and policies and implement the Minimum-Security Baseline (MSB) requirements. Monitoring and alerting capabilities are enabled to manage the EDA environment proactively. Additional deliverables include a Baseline/Current State Review, Future State Architecture Design, OnPrem License Server Connectivity, and IAM resource provisioning. Finally, we migrate select EDA projects into this new production scale environment.

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EDA: Electronic Design Automation on AWS

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