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Automate Complex TasksPredictive AnalyticsIndustry Applications

Automate Complex Tasks

Predictive Analytics

Industry Applications

Deep Learning

Predictive Analytics

Industry Applications

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Be More Innovative, Productive, and Competitive

AI/ML is transforming businesses and on top of CIO agendas. It helps transform IT, products, and services for operational efficiency and more intelligence, value-adding offerings. Digitalstates can help you transform your business in the same direction to be more efficient, predictable, and future-proof.

Deep Learning

Deep learning is the ideal way to provide big data predictive analytics solutions as data volume and complexity continue to grow, creating a need for increased processing power and more advanced graphics processors. With deep learning, organizations can harness the power of unstructured data such as images, text, and voice to deliver transformative use cases that leverage techniques like AI, image interpretation, automatic translation, natural language processing, and more. At Digitalstates, by using deep learning, we have developed capabilities to handle a large number of the dataset, observe prototypes, and provide precise results. Unlike deep learning based on ML, our deep learning algorithms belong to the sphere of AI for examining the data and the results without human intervention by the machine.

End-to-End Workflows & Automation

We offer a single platform to handle data preparation, exploration, model training, and large-scale prediction. High level APIs and example applications let you easily leverage state of the art models. Recognize and categorize images for easy sorting and more accurate search.

Interoperability & Detection

Collaborate with your team across multiple programming languages to explore data and train deep learning models against real time data sets. Fast object detection to make autonomous cars and face recognition a reality.

Natural Language Processing

At Digitalstates, our experts are capable of suggesting cost-effective deep learning solutions and reliability for the core. With our professional native language experience and AI technology, we are ready to provide a productive user experience, data and service solutions that help to be more engaged in the project formation.

Predictive Analytics

Effective utilization of big data and predictive analytics has become vital in today’s data-driven world for businesses to achieve their goals. At Digitalstates, we apply a range of machine learning (ML) techniques to classify and comprehend patterns in historical data and utilize these to make future predictions. Predictive analytics applications provide product and training services that can be used for swindle detection, business predictions, behavioral forecasting, life sciences data analysis, and credit risk evaluations. Government bodies, research, academic institutions and commercial businesses can use predictive analytics applications to make more informed and appropriate decisions that incorporate historical evidence.

Automated Analytics

Digitalstates expert business analysts and data scientists build refined predictive analytics using automation. These can be embedded in business processes in no time.

Model Management

Digitalstates offer end-to-end predictive analytics management, whereby regular updates are provided for better performance.

Predictive Scoring

Provide predictive models for different frameworks to fragmentize variables, analyze them and facilitate predictive scoring in real-time.

Industry Applications

Digitalstates’ robust and smart predictive analytics can be applied to various sectors like retail, banking, insurance, telecommunications, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals, amongst many others. For healthcare service providers, it can capably identify the risk of developing health conditions in patients. Financial service providers can identify discrepancies in transactions and thefts. While manufacturing and retail firms can keep track of customer behavior and improve their offerings accordingly. The value-add list goes on.

AI/ML Expertise

Digital transformation is motivating and pushing businesses to benefit from AI/ML technologies. Organizations want to experiment with innovations and services driven by AI/ML but are constrained by the existing data lakes. Digitalstates bridges this gap through expertise in both areas.

AI/ML Ecosystem

Digitalstates is intimately familiar with AI/ML use cases and industry-specific applications. Working within the AWS environment and ecosystem, we can deploy, automate, and validate MLOps best practices, driving IT operational efficiency.

AI/ML Driven IoT

Digitalstates is specialized in the implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) end-to-end solutions. A key component of our IoT offering is the IoT platform to set up and manage connected devices and provides predictive real-time and edge analysis of user, machine, and environmental data that leverages AI/ML.

Video Analytics Solutions

Weapons Detection

Alerts and actions for firearms and weapons, including guns that are both partially concealed and exposed.

Facial Recognition

Identify for access control, and alert to individuals not permitted on the premesis.

Slip & Fall Detection

Immediate and predictive response resulting from real-time detection of slips, trips, and falls, also promoting in healthcare.

Smoke & Fire Detection

Early detection and localization of smoke and fire with instant alerts.

Crowd Control

Alerts for unexpected or large crowds, along with crowd density monitoring and alerts.

Suspicious or Abandoned Objects

Alerts on abandoned objects, many of which can be identified with Leapfrog IoT AI.

Artificial Intelligence and
Machine Learning

Digitalstates IoT is built on top of a strong AI/ML foundation allowing rapid development and deployment of AI/ML. Access platform capabilities using programming languages such as Python or R along with any data source integrated with the platform.

Intelligent Video Analytics Real-time results

Instant Alerts

Staff, Medical, 911, and more

Preventative Learning

Analyze and detect activities

Works with your Existing Systems

No hardware required for internet capable devices.

Solutions for Every industry

Our solutions are designed to create immediate alerts to keep people safe. By leveraging new or current camera infrastructures our Digitalstates IoT AI (artificial intelligence) and video analytics can be used to create immediate response, locate emergency incidents, identify subjects, and send appropriate response. Collect key datapoints to determine likelyhood and patterns of activities.

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